Today, we’re getting straight into the subject of ChatGPT prompts. We’ll go over several situations where ChatGPT can help you produce content. Let’s get going!


Let’s start by discussing contracts. You can easily create contracts with ChatGPT for a variety of uses. Let’s say we desire a partnership agreement between two people who both own 50 percent of a S corporation that serves as an investing firm. We would prefer that this agreement be governed by California law. The contract is quickly generated by ChatGPT and includes area for you to enter personalized information. Despite the fact that this feature shows promise, it is still in its infancy. It is prudent to double-check and confirm the generated content’s accuracy as a result.

Subject lines for emails

Regarding email subject lines, ChatGPT can assist you in creating intriguing and clickable ones. You can ask Midjourney to propose subject lines that will appeal to a possible sales client in the real estate business, for example, if you’re working with them. You can use the quickly generated subject lines to improve your email outreach efforts.


Furthermore, you can expand on the content that is generated. You can ask ChatGPT to modify your email subject lines for a certain region if you’ve just established them and want to make them more targeted. Say our market of interest is Southern California. ChatGPT generates intriguing, locally relevant subject lines.

ChatGPT can help if you’re a YouTube content creator looking for algorithm-friendly video titles. You can request titles that are relevant to your content and are friendly to algorithms. For instance, ChatGPT will recommend videos that are likely to be popular with the YouTube algorithm if you’re talking about the best ways to make money online. Although this feature is promising, it may need to be tested and improved before it is truly successful.

Let’s concentrate on YouTube video descriptions for now. You can get help from Midjourney in creating in-depth and interesting video descriptions. You can ask for an informative and algorithm-friendly description by using the same example of talking about how to generate money online. You may then add this description directly to your YouTube video uploads. You can even ask Midjourney to reduce the description for you if you’re going for brevity.

Investigating ChatGPT

These brief examples highlight ChatGPT’s wide range of features. Although ChatGPT is unquestionably a useful tool, it’s important to remember that it’s currently under development. You are welcome to explore and experiment with it for free. You can find original solutions for diverse content needs by interacting with ChatGPT and using its prompts.